Christian Devotional – October 13, 2018

Does your relationship with God impact others? As Joseph was growing up, we see that his mother Rachel wasn’t focused on God, but what about his father? Not long after Joseph was born, Jacob had a life-altering experience with God. Reading through Genesis 31 and 32 you can see the whole set up, but take a look at Genesis 32:30

So Jacob named the place Peniel, for he said, “I have seen God face to face, yet my life has been preserved.”
Genesis 32:30 NASB

Jacob knew about God and had even prayed to God before, but that was when He really committed himself to God. You gotta admit, wrestling God would leave more than just the physical mark on his hip that is mentioned. It would be a story that Jacob told and retold to, not just his favorite son Joseph, but anyone who would listen. Joseph would have had a front row seat to his change and transformation. He would have seen how that story shaped everything about his Dad from that point forward. And, his Dad would have told Joseph everything he could ever remember learning from his Dad Isaac and his Grandpa Abraham about the one true God.

How does our life and experiences impact those we are around? Can they tell a difference in us and in what we do because of our relationship with God? Do we talk about it and explain it to them? Do we teach them? This is how we can impact others with our relationship with Christ.

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