Christian Devotional – October 24, 2023

Evangelism 101, Day 9

Take two! Read Jonah 3:1-2.

Jonah had sinned, but he repented and as a result, God brought him back to the decision where he went the wrong direction. Jonah was given the same command that he was given at the very beginning of the book, with the same opportunity for him to be obedient to God.

So often that’s exactly how God works. When we mess up, God allows us the opportunity to repent. He has mercy and is willing to forgive us, but then he brings us right back to where we left off and we have the same choice to make again. Will we obey him this time or will we rebel again?

When we look at our lives, what is God continually asking us to do? Do we feel like we keep getting stuck in the same place over and over again? That may be because we have not been obedient to what God is telling us to do. God will not move us on until we follow through on his will in a specific area of our life. And, God will continue to bring us back to that place until we surrender it and submit to him. What do we need to submit to God today so we can move forward?