Christian Devotional – October 6, 2021

Days of Wisdom, Day 6

Are we truly free? Read Proverbs 6.

The Bible has a lot to say about money. Many verses all throughout scripture speak about our attitudes regarding money. Interestingly, this chapter deals with money from the idea of loaning it or cosigning loans for people.

When we borrow money, we become enslaved to the one we borrowed from. Are we actively seeking to get out of debt? All debt? The culture in which we live these days makes it hard to think that we would ever be able to break feee, but yet, that is exactly what we should be atriving for… freedom.

God can best use is and our resources when we are free and not in debt to others. Are we being wise with our money and if we are in debt, are we seeking to free ourselves and remain free?

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