Christian Devotional – October 9, 2015

Read James chapter 2


James 2:1–My brothers and sisters, believers in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ must not show favoritism.


Do we value one type of person above another? Do we try to appeal to one type of person above another? Where favoritism comes into play is when we do this, but we do it with selfish or self-serving motives. In the verses that follow, the example is given of treating a rich man better than a poor man. The idea is that the rich man would then give more money, etc, so the church treats him better for the selfish purpose of gaining money. We see this all the time in churches. Instead, God’s Word says that we are not to show favoritism in how we treat others and interact with others. Do we strive to see all people as God sees them?


Father, I pray that You will forgive me for being selfish and self-serving as I’ve looked at people. Help me to see people exactly as You see them and to treat people as equal through You. I want to honor You in the way I treat and interact with people today.

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