Christian Devotional – September 22, 2021

Forgiveness, Day 7

Impact on others. Read Philemon, focusing on verse 20.

As we read through this book again today, we see that Paul is explaining to Philemon the impact of forgiveness. Paul reminds Philemon that his willingness to forgive or his unwillingness to forgive will actually impact other people around him. Paul is saying that Philemon’s forgiveness will be a benefit and a blessing to Paul.

How is that possible? When we experience forgiveness in our life, that restores relationships and it’s not just the relationship with the person who wronged us. Relationships are often something that move and work together. They intertwine. As Paul explains, when Philemon forgives Onesimus, then Philemon’s relationship with Paul will be better and improved.

How are we impacting the relationships around us? Are we tainting them with our unforgiveness? Are we blessing them with the way in which we restore and forgive others? How how will we impact all of the people around us today?

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