Christian Devotional – September 24, 2021

Forgiveness, Day 8

Do people follow through on what they say and what we ask? Read Philemon and focus on verse 21.

Paul is giving lots of information to Philemon and Paul asks Philemon to do something for him. He asks him to forgive a man who has hurt Philemon. Paul doesn’t order him to forgive and he doesn’t dictate him to forgive. However, in Paul’s appeal, we see that Paul is confident that Philemon will make the right choice and will do the right thing.

When we ask people to do the right thing, how confident are we that they will do so? Do we believe that people are going to make the right choices? Do we trust that their relationship with God is strong enough to influence them to make right choices?

On the other side, do we follow through on what others have asked us to do as long as it aligns with what God wants us to do?

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