Christian Devotional – September 27, 2022

Prayer in Action, Day 38

Another list of names. Read Nehemiah 12:1-29.

Do you sit through the credits of the movie? Such a long list of names of people. However, let’s think about what that list really means. It’s the demonstration of months of work of an individual. They contributed to something greater than themselves and that list with their name is the culmination of that.

I never really thought about that much until I had a family member who got in the movie industry. Then, I found myself waiting through the credits and scanning through the names to find her name. Recognition and connection made the name and the list important.

As as we read through this list of names in Nehemiah, remember that each one of these names indicates an individual who had made a lifetime commitment to the Lord. That person had family members and had connections among the people and their inclusion in this list has lived on in legacy long beyond them. They were part of something phenomenal. Their contribution is to be celebrated.

What contribution will you leave? Who will your commitment to God be celebrated by, even after you are gone?