Christian Devotional – September 3, 2021

Esther, Day 10

Written and recorded. Read Esther 10.

The details of all that the king and Mordecai did were written down and recorded so they could be shared with others for generations. Everything about them, their focus, their greatness, their dedication. All of these were recorded so that others could see and understand what they did and why they did them.

If the details of our lives were to be written down, how would that read? Would we be excited for the world to see and to learn what God has shown us and how God has guided us through our lives? Or, would we be embarrassed and ashamed of how we are living our life? We cannot change the past, so the important piece is to understand how we are living our life today and how we are keeping focused for the future. Is following Jesus Christ the central focus of all that we are and all that we do? Can other people tell?

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