Christian Devotional – September 30, 2012

Ezra 2:69–According to their ability they gave to the treasury for the work 61,000 gold drachmas and 5,000 silver minas and 100 priestly garments.

Out of love and devotion to God, we are to give gifts to God to help the work of God. The people in Ezra’s day gave gifts to see the temple restored. They gave according to their ability. Are we giving according to our ability? Do we seek to give as much as we can to the work that God is doing? What is our ability to give? Are we measuring our giving based on others or based on our own ability?

Father, thank You for sharing Your blessings. I look forward to giving back to You with a gracious and cheerful heart based on my ability from what You have given me.

What shoes did you pick out to wear today? Are they the shoes that God calls us to wear as part of the armor of God? Find out with today’s Sunday Devotional over with the Sisters in Cahoots

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