Christian Devotional – September 7, 2021

Book of Regrets, Day 4

What does it take to be wise? Read Ecclesiastes 4.

As Solomon continues his sermon, we see him discuss the value of wisdom. As he’s looking at his situation and all that he sees around him, he realizes that it is possible to be old and wise and yet not be wise at all. Sometimes people become so set in their ways that they lose the ability to trust in the Lord. As we get older, we become more reliant on ourselves and our experience and self taught wisdom then we are reliant on God. Sometimes, we need something new and young and fresh to remind us that we are not everything we think we are sometimes.

Are we allowing God to be God in our lives? Or do we think we don’t need him anymore? As we continue to go through life, we will learn and we will grow and we will gain experience. However, we never outgrow our need for God and his wisdom. Are we relying on God or are we relying on ourselves?

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