Christian Devotional – September 8, 2021

Book of Regrets, Day 5

Guess what? You aren’t God. Read Ecclesiastes 5.

Well most of us know that we’re not God and have no issue with that. However, even though we may know we are not God, we act like we are God. We act like we are God of our own life and that we are God of our own decisions and we work under the assumption that other people should be in the business of giving us exactly what we want. As Solomon writes this chapter, he is reminding us that we need to remember our place. We need to remember who we are and where we are in relation to the true God of the universe.

When we are praying and asking God for things, do we recognize his power and his authority? Or, do we simply run through a laundry list of all the things that we expect God to do for us? God is not a delivery boy. God is not a vending machine where we put in so many prayers and God spits out blessings. God is the holy creator and master of the entire universe and he is owed a tremendous amount of respect and reverence.

Spend spend today thinking about the amazing awesomeness of who God truely is. Then reflect on what position you have allowed God to have in your life and if you need to make a change.

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