Christian Devotional – September 9, 2021

Book of Regrets, Day 6

Where does meaning come from? Read Ecclesiastes 6.

When we think about what gives our life meaning, we can go through many things in our mind. However, we often end up thinking that we gain meaning to our life through what we say and how we say it and who we say it to. Yet, our words do not give life meaning. And sometimes, they can distract us from the actual meaning.

Solomon had seen many instances where people would talk and talk just to hear themselves talk or to try and sound important. Our words should be measured and used when they are effective at conveying the information, but just using lots of words is not the evidence of wisdom and maturity in our life. Sometimes they end up being the evidence of foolishness and immaturity. Are we demonstrating wisdom in our lives through what we are saying and how we say it? God is our meaning in life and our words should reflect that.

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