• Devotional

    Christian Devotional – February 14, 2023

    The God who Hears, Day 44 How do we respond to sin? Read 2 Samuel chapter 13. So much sin in David’s family. However, even though David got angry about the sin, he did not do anything to try to correct his sons. There was no attempt to try to bring about repentance or to point them toward God. So often when we see the wrongs in this world, we are upset and angered by it, but what action have we actually taken? Do we do anything to try to correct the behaviors or bring about the holiness of God through these situations? David should have addressed the sin within…

  • Devotional

    Christian Devotional – February 13, 2023

    The God who Hears, Day 43 Do we admit our sin? Read 2 Samuel chapter 12. David had sinned. We saw that very clearly in the last chapter. Here we see David get confronted by Nathan about his sin. How does David respond? He admits that he has sinned. No excuses. No justifications. Just a heart of repentance. When we are faced with or sin, How do we respond? Do we admit and repent, or are we busy trying to find other ways to justify or even get out of any consequences? God knows our sin and we are to come to him and repent.

  • Devotional

    Christian Devotional – February 12, 2023

    The God who Hears, Day 42 Sin, sin, snd more sin. Read 2 Samuel chapter 11. Here we see David making choices. However these choices address all about what David wants and not about what God wants for David. Through this chapter we see David make more and more terrible choices as time goes on. God was not pleased. How does God feel about our current choices? Are they bringing glory to him, or ste they all about our own glory?

  • Devotional

    Christian Devotional – February 11, 2023

    The God who Hears, Day 41 God continues to use David. Read 2 Samuel chapter 10. As David is following God, God continues to use him in mighty ways. The people of Israel experience great victories as a result of good moving through David. We recognize that we are simply responsible for being obedient to God. After that, God will do what he chooses to do. We can trust the future and the situations to him. Are we willing to follow him and trust in him even when we may not know exactly what is going on. We’re are just to be obedient to him.

  • Devotional

    Christian Devotional – February 10, 2023

    The God who Hears, Day 40 How do we treat the family of those who have hurt us? Read 2 Samuel chapter 9. While saul and David were together, saul continually fought against David and tried to kill him. Now that’s all you’re doing and David is king, how does David want to treat the family members and descendants of Saul? David actually makes a point of specifically calling out and wanting to find a descendant that he could bless as a way to show the respect that he had for Saul. When we think about those who have treated us badly, how do we want to respond? How do…

  • Devotional

    Christian Devotional – February 9, 2023

    The God who Hears, Day 39 A long list of victories. Read 2 Samuel chapter 8. As I read through this chapter it is easy to ser how God’s hand is moving through David in all that he does. God’s enemies are falling and losing in battle to the man who is seeking to follow God no matter what. There can be moments of great victory and time of difficulties in all of our lives. David had seen both. Now God was using him to bring about great victories for these people. Regardless of whih time we find ourselves in, we can be sure that God is there with us.…

  • Devotional

    Christian Devotional – February 8, 2023

    The God who Hears, Day 38 God. The only God. The one God. Read 2 Samuel chapter 7. We see that David had wanted to build a house for the Lord. He brings his request to God and while God tells him no, he also explains that God is going to do so much more for David than he ever imagined. God has plans for each of us. We may not know what they are or what our part in them is, but we should never think that God doesn’t have a plan. The question is more about how can we get involved in God’s plan. God hears us and…

  • Devotional

    Christian Devotional – February 7, 2023

    The God who Hears, Day 37 Doing the right thing the wrong way… it’s still sin. Read 2 Samuel chapter 6. David decides that here is going to move the ark of God to be with him in his house. However, he doesn’t follow the instructions on the correct way to move it. As a result, someone is killed when he does something wrong. Doing the wrong thing, even when it is with good intentions, is still sin and still worthy of the judgment of God. Doing the right thing, but going about it the wrong way is still sin that is deserving of judgment. Anything that is not following…

  • Devotional

    Christian Devotional – February 6, 2023

    The God who Hears, Day 36 Do we know where or success comes from? Read 2 Samuel chapter 5. We should never lose sight of the fact that God is the author of any success that we experience. Good is the reason behind it. We are too celebrate him through it and give him all the credit and praise for it. Regardless of whether we would consider or lives successful or not, God gets the credit. If we are seeking him then we are successful. How can we follow him and surrender to him more completely?

  • Book Review

    Christian Devotional – February 5, 2023

    The God who Hears, Day 35 God is who delivers us from trouble. Read 2 Samuel chapter 4. David finds himself in a similar situation again. He has been working against the son of Saul to be able to be the rightful, true king of Israel. However, some men take it upon themselves to hurry up the process. They take God’s justice into their own hands. David reminds them, and himself, that God is the one who is responsible for putting him in the position he is in. God is the one who will help him to achieve all that God has promised to him. People should not sin in…