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Book Review – The ‘In’ Crowd by Susette Williams

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The drive to be popular and have all the “right” stuff can be so challenging for kids. The same is true with Stef. In Susette Williams’ book, “The ‘In’ Crowd” Stef is getting ready to start 6th grade and she wants to get the right clothes and shoes so she can be considered “cool.” While Stef gets some nice things, she still gets teased by the popular kids in school. When one of the cool kids ends up having to give back all their new clothes, the tables really turn and Stef is faced with a lesson in what it means to forgive.


This is a well written story that provides a great lesson on how to treat others as Jesus would treat them. Stef is a very relatable character and the situations were very realistic. I really liked how Stef handled her own friends’ thoughts and concerns as she is trying to decide to be nice to someone who used to tease her. This book would be perfect for the tween girl crowd specifically. Excellent book with an excellent message.

I want to thank Susette for allowing me to read an advance copy of this book. It’s due to be out on Amazon very shortly, so keep watching her Author Page for more details on when you can order it. It will be worth the wait!


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