Christian Devotional – December 15, 2016

Read Job chapter 30


Job 30:20–“I cry out to you, God, but you do not answer; I stand up, but you merely look at me.”


Job is hurting right now and he continues to cry out to God and bring God his concerns. However, he doesn’t feel that God is answering. We can feel like that a lot when we are having problems and we’ve prayed and prayed and prayed and it doesn’t seem like God is doing anything for us. Still, God never leaves us and even when we don’t hear His answers or see Him moving, we can rest in the trust that God is still there. He still hears us. He is still working to bring about His very best for us. Will we trust God?


Father, I know that You hear my pleas. I know that You are still there. It doesn’t always feel like it sometimes and I get frustrated with that. Please help me to be focused on You and to be patient waiting on You. Your best is so much better than anything else I could have planned, so I will wait on You.

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