Christian Devotional – December 8, 2016

Read Job chapter 23


Job 23:13–“But he stands alone, and who can oppose him? He does whatever he pleases.”


Job is speaking here and he’s talking about God. God stands alone and no one can oppose Him. God does whatever He pleases. This is very true and speaks to the power and majesty of who God is. Job has seen this demonstrated in his life first hand. He had difficult things happen to him, and God is the only One who stands alone and can do whatever He pleases throughout the entire situation. Job knows this, but that doesn’t make it “feel” any better while he is going through it. We can hold on to the truths of the power and majesty of God, the character of God, while we are going through difficult times because He doesn’t change. God will always be Himself, regardless of how we feel about the situation.


Father, I will trust what the Bible says about who You are and Your character. You are just. You are loving and kind. You are Holy and righteous. You have called me Your child. Even in the difficult times when I don’t “feel” these things, I can rest in the knowledge that they are true. You stand alone. You do whatever You please. No one can oppose You. Thank You for being above everything.

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