Christian Devotional – February 22, 2017

Are we useful or useless? In Ezekiel chapter 15 God goes on to share with Ezekiel that the people of Jerusalem have become as useless as trying to use a vine as firewood.

Because we want to be useful in everything we do, this can be very difficult for us to hear. No one likes to be told that they are useless. However, if we are truthful with ourselves, and obedient to what God says determines our usefulness, then we have to admit that if we are not following God, we are not as useful as we could be. In fact, we’re not useful at all.

We must go back and examine ourselves and our hearts, just like the verse from yesterday in chapter 14, and understand whether there is something in our heart that we have placed ahead of God. Only as we surrender and allow God to be first and foremost in our life will we find purpose and be able to be useful to him.

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