Christian Devotional – February 26, 2017

In Reading Ezekiel chapter 16, it can really be summarized by the statement: we are a mess, God has rescued us and bestowed upon us his blessing, and we are still disobedient to God.

As Ezekiel was being shared this information I’m sure he could think of several instances of opportunities where he heard and saw the people of Israel doing things they should not be doing. Even with all the wonderful things that God had given them and blessed them with, they still turned their back on him and ran after other gods and other idols. As a result, God was going to judge them and hold them accountable for the blessings they have received and done nothing with.

What are we doing with the blessings God has given us? Every day we receive multiple blessings from God. Do we recognize these blessings? Do we seek after the one who blesses us? Only as we continue to seek after God and be obedient to all that he asks of us will we see and experience all that God truly has for us. God is Holy, and he desires our Holiness in return. Giving him anything less is sin and disobedience.

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