Christian Devotional – February 7, 2017

Why does God allow us to experience the consquences of our actions. This question bothers a lot of believers. After all, if God is truly God, then He could just wipe out all those consequences. Well, today, we’re looking at Ezekiel chapter 6.

In reading through here, we see that God is detailing all the destruction and judgment that the people are going to experience, yet He talks about saving a remnant of people for Himself. Then in verse 10, God makes an amazing statment. He indicates that all this difficulty and judgment that the people experienced was not in vain.

How could it not be in vain? As the people were going through difficult times, they came to experience all that God wanted for them and they saw God for who He truly is. They returned to Him. They were the remnant. God allows us to go through difficult times because He knows what will ultimately draw us back to Him. If we are straying or if we are trusting in something else besides God, often God will strip away those things so that we recognize that all we have is Him.

Will we trust in Him? Are we trusting in Him alone or are other things getting in the way of our devotion to Him? God will continue to allow us to experience the consequences of our actions, especially so that we will be drawn back to Him.

Will we come back to Him so that the things we experience are not in vain?

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