Christian Devotional – February 8, 2017

As Ezekiel continues hearing the word of the Lord, God reveals to him the extent and the magnitude of the destruction and judgement that is coming up on the people. The people have taken everything that God has given them and they have turned it into something that has been profaned. The beauty which God created, they have distorted in their sin.

We need to recognize the impact that our sin has on our own life the lives of others around us and also on the world in which we live. God, the Creator, created this world and said it was good and beautiful and yet our sin has distorted and profaned it.

God is a holy God and we must understand that the result of sin against a holy God is nothing less than complete and total Destruction. Our sin will lead to destruction. The question becomes, will we repent and turn back to God? As we see what God wants to do in our lives, and the forgiveness and mercy that he offers, we recognize that we can come to him and allow him to cleanse us and to make us whole.

The question that Ezekiel had for the people, is the same question that God asks us today. Will we respond to God? Will we repent and turn back to him? Or, will we allow sin to completely destroy our lives?

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