Christian Devotional – June 24, 2022

The One Jesus Loved, Day 19

Continue in God’s teaching. As we read through the next section of this small letter of 2nd John, we see John’s continued emphasis on consistently following the teaching of God. Read 2 John 1:7-11.

We must stay with God. As we are working through and understanding the teachings of God, sometimes we can think we know more than we do and sometimes run the risk of running ahead of God. John reminds us that we must stick with the teaching of God and stay with it. We need to keep on his pace. God doesn’t always move at the pace that we would want to move. So, we must be diligent about making sure that we are not moving faster than God is. We need to stay on pace with Christ and follow him.

Are we moving at the same speed as Christ? Are we following him or trying to lead our own way?