Christian Devotional – May 22, 2022

Days of the Judges, Day 7

God knows us. God knows everything about us and is aware of even our insecurities. Read Judges 7.

The Lord knew Godeon. He knew what he struggles with and what he felt. God allowed Gideon the opportunity to hear what he needed to hear in order to remind him that God is with him. God is going to keep his promises and fulfill what he says.

I love how well God knew Gideon and how much he wanted to make sure that Gideon knew that God was with him. There are days that I need extra encouragement from God. I need to be reminded that if I will just follow Him, he will be faithful to all that he jas promised. Are we focused on all that God is doing and praising him for giving us everything we need, even emotionally, to be successful.