Christian Devotional – May 25, 2017

Are we truly thankful? In Philippians 4:10-13 we see Paul expressing his heartfelt thanks for the people of Philippi and all they had provided for him. Paul clarifies that he thanks them, not so that he can get more from them, but so they receive recognition and reward for their sacrifice. Paul explains that he can do this because he has learned the secret to being content in every situation regardless of his material surroundings. His secret? He knows that he can do anything through Jesus Christ who gives him strength.

Any situation that we find ourselves in, any circumstance, we can find the way through because of the strength that we receive from Jesus Christ. As we are obedient to him, he fulfilled his promise and brings us through every situation he places us in. If we are being obedient, we will never find ourselves alone. We will always have exactly what we need to make it through at exactly the right time. Do we trust God for everything? Do we rely on his strength? Only through his strength will we be able to do all the he asks us to do.

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