Christian Devotional – September 22, 2016

Read Romans chapter 6


Romans 6:11–In the same way, count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus.


What do we consider alive in our lives and what is considered dead? Anything that is dead in our lives no longer has any pull over us. It can’t sway or influence our decision. Dead things don’t clamor for our attention or beg to be noticed. If we are to consider ourselves dead to everything that is sin around us. We have a lot of things that will no longer have any pull on us. Is the only thing that attracts us Jesus? Is He the only thing that we respond to for a motivation? It should be; we’re dead to everything else.


Father, I know I am dead to everything else, but I still am attracted to the sin around me at times. Help keep me focused on You and only You. I know that You are above everything else and I will consider myself alive to You and You alone.

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