Christian Devotional – September 26, 2021

Forgiveness, Day 10

The grace of Jesus Christ. What a perfect way to close out the book. Reread Philemon.

As we come to the ending of this book on forgiveness, we see Paul reminding the people that the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ should be with them. We will not practice forgiveness if we do not understand grace. God’s grace is what allows us to accept the forgiveness that he provides to us, and God’s grace is what also enables us to give forgiveness to others. When we look at our situation and the people that we are around, do we give them grace? And not just any grace, do we give them the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ? Do we see people the way Jesus sees people?

That is a key point that Paul is trying to make throughout this entire book. Paul wants Philemon to see Onesimus the way Jesus sees him. Paul wants Apphia to see the situation the way Jesus sees it. Paul wants the church that meets in this home to see the situation the way Jesus sees it. Do we look at situations through the lens of how Jesus sees it? That is the key to forgiveness.

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