Christian Devotional – April 24, 2017

In Ruth 4:13-22 we see the conclusion of the story and the restoration of Hope. Boaz marties Ruth in order to redeem her and redeem the family. Then Ruth and Boaz have a child. This child becomes the hope not of Ruth, but of Naomi. We see all the women gathering together saying hope has come again to Naomi. Naomi again rejoices. She sees in living form how God has provided a way for her to continue to have a place. God has not forgotten her.

When we are facing difficult times, when we feel that there is no hope, when we struggle to see God’s hand in anything, he’s still there. God’s presence and God’s movement happens regardless of our feelings. God didn’t stop moving, just because Naomi didn’t feel it anymore. God didn’t stop moving just because Naomi lost hope. God continue to move and God continue to work and ultimately, God received the glory through Naomi and what she had done.

Hope is a choice. We can choose to look at our circumstances or we can choose to look at God. One leads us to hopelessness and the other leads us to unending hope. Even when we don’t see the solution we can still hope in God, knowing the truth of who He is and the promises that He has given us. Will we choose to hope today?

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