Christian Devotional – May 27, 2017

Greet others with grace. That is how Paul ends Philippians. In chapter 4, verses 21-23, Paul indicates that they should greet each other in Christ Jesus. He explains that the Believers where he is send their greeting. Then he goes on to state that the grace of the Lord Jesus should be with us.

As we encounter other believers, we are to see them as we would see Jesus. We’re to treat them as we would treat Jesus. And in many cases, that means giving them Grace. Seeing the best side of them is part of how Grace can look when we’re around other people. Other people are not perfect. Neither are we. But if we will see each person through the eyes of Jesus Christ, giving them Grace and mercy, we will greet them as we would greet Jesus Christ. How would our relationships with coworkers, with family, with spouses be different if we treated each one of them with the grace God has given us? What difference would that make in our lives today?

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