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    Book Review – Point of Origin by Amanda Tru

    From Amazon: “I should have killed you when I had the chance. You have no idea, do you? Life is just a crazy coincidence? That’s fine. I have a feeling even mercy has a limit.” The terrorist’s words haunt Rachel Saunders. Are they the ramblings of a psychopath? Or is there someone else out there who is watching Rachel and deciding if she should live or die? When Rachel stumbles across something she was never meant to see, she discovers all the random events from the past year have connections that are much closer to home than she ever imagined. Now she must elude terrorists intent on killing her and…

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    Book Review – MiRage by Amanda Tru

    Description from Amazon: The terrorist attack . . .Dawson Tate . . . What if nothing is as it appears to be? When the unexpected happens, Rachel Saunders must unravel the web of secrets surrounding her boyfriend’s work with Homeland Security and their relationship. While confronted with new facts about Dawson’s mysterious ex from Florida and the attentions of DHS agent Garrett Matthews, Rachel must find a way to save the man she can no longer trust. Will anything or anyone survive after the truth is revealed and the mirage fades? MIRAGE is Book Two in the TRU EXCEPTIONS series. Kristi’s Review: Six months have passed since the non-stop adrenaline…

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    Book Review – Baggage Claim by Amanda Tru

    From Amazon: Montana native, Rachel Saunders, is looking forward to her all-expense paid weekend trip to New York. But, when her luggage is lost and she is accosted by an infuriating Homeland Security agent named Dawson Tate, events take a dangerous turn. Now, can she and Dawson elude their enemies and prevent a terrorist attack before the bomb in their possession is detonated in the center of Manhattan–all while keeping their obvious attraction to one another in check? Find out in this Romantic Thriller. Kristi’s Review: I read this book as part of a box set that I purchased on sale. The entire set was pretty good and I’ll get…

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    Book Review – Forever Loved by Darlene Shortridge

    Synopsis from Amazon: “I do believe God can forgive him. I really do. I’m just not sure I can.” Ryan’s revelation shocks Rachel to the core. Are the foundations of a three-cord marriage strong enough to handle even the worst deception? Even when two are willing to give up? Rachel suspects Ryan’s betrayal, but when she finds out the truth, her life is torn upside down and inside out. Ryan hides his past, fearful that when it catches up to him, it will destroy him and everything he has worked to build. When the past finally meets the present, both Ryan and Rachel are lost in a world of confusion,…

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    Christian Devotional – March 27, 2014

    Read Deuteronomy chapter 12 VERSE: Deuteronomy 12:4–You must not worship the Lord your God in this way. TRUTH: The other religious people had others ways to worship their gods. They would perform sacrifices and rituals to their gods, but they would include things that were despicable and sinful in their worship practices. God wants it understood that what we do matters as much as why we do it. If we are doing the wrong thing, no amount of saying that it is “for God” will make it right. We must do the things of God in His way as that is what brings Him glory. RESPONSE: Father, I will follow…

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    Book Review – Because God is Love, part 1 by Fersen Perera

    Love is a word that is thrown around a lot in today’s  world. We see people using love in lots of different contexts with lots of  different meanings. However, that makes it very difficult to truly understand  what the Bible means when it indicates that “God is love.” What is love? What is love  not? How are we deceived in today’s world into believing the lies that Satan  uses to convolute the love of God? All of these questions and more are discussed  in depth throughout Mr. Perera’s book as it seeks to uncover and expose the  myths and delusions about love. This book is full of scriptural references that …

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    Book Review – Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl by Lydia Howe

    An adventure awaits in the book Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl by Lydia Howe and Buddy & Kay Davis. This book, labeled as Creation Quest #1, is written for the 4th through 7th grade audience and is specifically part of the creation literature that is part of Answers in Genesis ministry. This youth fiction is actually two stories in one as the young Lydia, who travels around with her parents helping to teach about the creation story, is part of trying to find a mysterious book. The second story is actually about her father Buddy as he is exploring a cave to see some newly discovered petroglyphs that help to…

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    Book Review – Divergent by Veronica Roth

    I picked up the book Divergent after seeing a preview for the movie that is coming out next year. It looked interesting as the next in line for the Young Adult crowd, following in the footsteps of the Hunger Games and Twilight, so I thought I’d give the book a try. Beatrice has grown up as part of the selfless and serving faction of people for all of her life, but now that she has turned 16 she is required to take the test to help her know which faction she should commit to join for the rest of her life. In this world, there are 5 factions she can…

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    Book Review – The Principle of the Path by Andy Stanley

    You will always end up at the destination that is at the end of the path that you choose. That is the guiding principle of the book by Andy Stanley. He masterfully shows how people can end up at the destination that they didn’t realize they were headed toward and wonder how they got there. Yet, they had chosen to get on the path that led to that destination, even if they didn’t realize it. Andy has  a great writing style that really connects with the readers and this was a great book to read. The concepts in the book are excellent and will really work to help people take…

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    Book Review –

    Must faith be accepted by each person individually? What are the effects of sin in our lives. These difficult theological questions make up the basis for the fictional fantasy story “Return to Kingsley.” Patty Gayle has grown up and now she has passed on her magical gifts from the land of Kingsley to her granddaughter Callie. The only thing is, Callie has no idea how desperately Kingsley is in need of her help. When Callie and her brother Scott find themselves back into the world Patty Gayle had told them about, they soon realize that they have the answer to the blackness and sickness that is closing in on all those…